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BOOK LIST             (Authors with * are available on you tube)

Eckhart Tolle*           Power of Now, A New Earth, Stillness Speaks

Lao Tzu                       The Tao te Ching   see translation by Stephen Mitchell

Dalai Lama*              The Art of Happiness, others

Jack Kornfield*         Path With Heart, No Time Like the Present

Kahlil Gibran            The Prophet

Adyashanti*             The Impact of Awakening, Many others    

Thich Nhat Hanh*   many books of poetry, spirituality

Rupert Spira*           Being Aware of Being Aware, others  

Paul Ferrini*              Silence of the Heart,    many others

Michael Beckwith*    Spiritual Liberation, others

Steven Levine*         Who Dies?     Many others, including guided meditations

Mark Nepo*              Book of Awakening, others

Bruce Lipton*            Biology of belief

Don Miguel Ruiz*     The Four Agreements,  The Fifth Agreement

Deepak Chopra*       Unconditional Life,   many others

Alan Watts*               The Book, Wisdom of Insecurity, others

Ram Dass*                  Be Here Now, others te Ching

Stephen Mitchell*     The Gospel according to Jesus, Translation of Tao te Ching

Robert Wright*            The Evolution of God

Karen Armstrong*       The History of God

Houston Smith*           The World’s Religions

For a little humor, try “The Bible According to Mark Twain”

See also the poetry of Rumi, Kabir, Whitman, Mary Oliver, Meister Eckhart, more